In collaboration with
Patrick Graham

Rheō - the Greek root of 'rhythm', also meaning 'flow' - is a project that blends the eclectic stylings of three musicians and a dancer, demonstrating outstanding talents for improvisation and dialogue. Prodigious Montreal-based multi-percussionist Patrick Graham is accompanied by Ben Grossman's (Guelph) electro-acoustic hurdy gurdy, the Japanese and western flutes of Kaoru Watanabe (New York), and choreographer and dancer Tomomi Morimoto (Montréal). They use traditional instruments to delve into more experimental soundscapes: hurdy gurdy and bamboo flutes merge with Japanese, Indian, Irish and Mediterranean percussion. Contemporary dance echoes this fusion of elements by extending the rhythms into the realm of movement.

Premiere: 2009
Length: 60-minutes

2009.01 MAI - Montréal, arts interculturels / Montreal, QC
2011.04 Dunrobin Sonic Gym / Dunrobin, ON
2011.04 Conseil des arts de Montréal en tournée / Montreal, QC

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